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An Exhibition by Unpublished ZW hosted at Artillery Gallery in Harare, Zimbabwe 

Exhibiting Artists:


Davina Jogi • Simba Mafundikwa • Tadiwa Kunzekweguta • Tusichile Kasito • Wonai Haruperi

Curatorial Statement:

perspective /pəˈspɛktɪv/

noun: "a particular attitude towards or way of regarding something; a point of view"


It is a truth universally known that photography holds an unparalleled place in presenting a wide range of perspectives. Photographers around the world, whatever style, have perfected the processes of communicating everyday life in truly transformative ways. They have explored taboos and disputed the status quo while producing remarkable works.

There is a power in storytelling and doing so visually that many visual bodies of work have tapped into to both question and change existing narratives about our beautifully complex Zimbabwe, its spaces and its people. This exhibition and the colourful combination of portraiture, landscape, nature and documentary photography the artists have brought to it is no exception.

The exhibition has collected the stories of our diverse people, our most sacred places and our invaluable environment. Finally, it is a celebration of the people here who have told the stories, their point of view and how they have chosen to share them.

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