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An Exhibition by Unpublished ZW hosted at Pikicha Gallery in Harare, Zimbabwe 



Pamoyo Gallery, Samora Central, Pikicha Gallery

Exhibiting Artists:


Abraham Acquah (Ghana)•

Bantubahle Mahlangu (South Africa) •

Butsya Smith (Uganda) •

Fekadu Baye Belay (Ethopia) •

Hafsa Boraei Mohammed (Sudan) •

Lennox Tatenda Makurumidze (Zimbabwe) •

Malembo Simbano (Tanzania) •

Paul Addo (Ghana) •

Phopolo Maloka (South Africa)

Maingaila Muvundika (Zambia)

Simphiwe Moyo (Zimbabwe) •

Thamsanqa Sibanda (Zimbabwe)

Usher Nyambi (Zimbabwe) • 

Curatorial Statement:


Beyond your day to day, do you really see your city?

Our cities and towns are spaces that need to be recognized for all they carry; the history of those that walked before us and the potential of all that could come from those that fill them daily. While each city has its own ebb and flow, from sunrise to sunset, one thing remains consistent from city to city and country to country – we need more stories documented and shared by our visual storytellers. Photographers have narrative power and the photographs in this exhibition are more than just snapshots of reality. They introduce old spaces in new ways while highlighting a resilience that brings people back to these spaces daily.


City Life: Resilience through work from 12 photographers showcases moments captured in 9 cities. With some being drawn to the busyness and others being more interested in the quiet moments of their city, each visual storyteller contributes their own unique take. Street photography requires the photographer to be discrete, quick and observant to capture such moments. The photographs in this exhibition are not only a testament to the power of street photography but to the need for more platforms that share and celebrate the hidden beauty of our cities as seen through the lens of the Zimbabwean, and African, photographer. Our hope is that you compare the narrative you have in mind of each city and the one showcased and in turn challenge yourself to learn more about what everyday life in those spaces can look like.

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